Plan Commission

The Planning Commission consists of the Mayor, who shall be the Chairman, the Chairman of the Board of Public Works, an Alderperson and four citizen members of recognized experience and qualifications. Three of the citizen members shall be appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the Council, for staggered three-year terms, the fourth citizen shall be appointed by the Mayor for a term of one year. The Alderperson member shall be elected by the Council by a 2/3 vote for a one-year term. Terms commence May 1, except for the Mayor, the Alderperson member and the Chairman of the Board of Public Works who serve commensurate with the office they hold.

    Mayor Dianne Reese, Chairperson  4/17/2018
    Gary Roehrig  4/17/2018
    Jason Dyer  4/17/2018
    Robert Bosma, Chair of PW  4/17/2018
    ElRoy N. Schreiner  5/1/2019
    Diane Thorson  4/21/2020
    Mike Stutz  5/1/2018