City Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer

The City Administrator/City Clerk-Treasurer and her staff manage the day-to-day operations of city government in the areas of administration, accounting, development, planning, zoning, personnel, and elections under the general direction and policy of the Mayor and Common Council. The office is the city's records custodian, processes permits and license applications, and responds to information requests from the general public.

  • Cassandra Langenfeld
  • City Administrator
  • Phone: 1-920-898-5766
  • FAX: 1-920-898-5879
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  • 2110 Washington Street
  • Lori Beck
  • Deputy City Clerk/Deputy Treasurer
  • Phone: 1-920-898-5766
  • FAX: 1-920-898-5879
  • Send Email
  • 2110 Washington Street
Polls are open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM

City Hall
2110 Washington St
New Holstein, WI 53061
Dog Licenses are available at City Clerk's Office
Neutered Males or Spayed Females - $5.00
Non-Neutered Males or Non-Spayed Females - $10.00

Proof of rabies shot is required.

Dog licenses, per Wisconsin Statutes, if not licensed by April 1 of each year become delinquent and are subject to a late fee of $20.00 in addition to the above charges.

Property tax bills are typically sent out around December 10th. The City of New Holstein Property Taxes are distributed and payable to the Calumet County Treasurer located at 206 Court Street, Chilton, WI 53014-1198 in person or by mail. Personal Property Tax history can be found on the Calumet County website or by clicking here.
State Statutes allow anyone who is unable or unwilling to go to the polls on Election Day to vote by absentee ballot. Voters no longer need to give a reason when requesting an absentee ballot. You can cast an absentee ballot in person or by mail.

Please Note . . . If you are not already registered, you will also need to register to vote before an absentee ballot can be sent to you.

Absentee Voting in Person
Absentee voting in the Clerk's Office is now restricted to the two weeks before an election. Absentee voting now ends at the close of business on the Friday before the election.
Where: City Clerk's Office, City Hall, 15 S. School Street
When: 8:00am to 4:30pm., Monday through Friday
Call: 920-898-5766 to make sure ballots are available.
Request by Mail
You can request and vote an absentee ballot by mail. You must submit a written request containing the following information:
  • Name 
  • City of New Holstein Address 
  • Date of Election(s) 
  • Address the absentee ballot should be mailed 
  • Contact Phone Number 
  • Signature Date 
  • or click
    For more information about requirements for voting in Wisconsin please visit the Government Accountability Board's voter information web page:
In order to vote an individual must be:
A U.S. citizen

Be age 18 or older on or before Election Day

Have resided in an election district or ward for 10 days before any election where the citizen offers to vote.

Not be disqualified from voting for any of the reasons described in 6.03 of the Wis Stats.

Any person convicted of treason, felony, or bribery that has not been pardoned or competed the terms of his or her sentence including probation, parole, or extended supervision.

A person who has been deterred by a court to be incapable of understanding the objective of the elective process or who is under guardianship.

Anyone who has made or become interested, directly or indirectly, in any bet or wager depending upon the result of the election.
As of January 1, 2003, the federal "Help American Vote Act of 2002," requires any person registering to vote to:
· Provide a Driver License or other WI Department of Transportation (DOT) issued identification number. If you have not been issued a WI Driver License/WI DOT issued identification card, provide the last four digits of your social security number.
If you have neither a driver's license or other WI DOT issued identification number, nor a social security number, indicate so in the appropriate area of the registration form (Box 2 on Form GAB-131).
· Answer the following questions (Box 9 on Form GAB-131)

1. Are you a citizen of the United States of America?
2. Will you be 18 years of age on or before election day?

Note: The registration cannot be processed until the elector provides this information and answers the questions.

All Electors Must Be Registered Before Being Issued a Ballot.